The name says it all: always in balance with the Balance C7 HFP. Thanks to a patented design you can hop on and off easily and you can always rest both feet on the ground. This makes the Balance C7 HFP the safest e-bike.


  • Motor Panasonic
  • Motor location front
  • Battery type Li-ion
  • Display Panasonic LCD center
  • Type of gears hub
  • Number of gears 7
  • Frame description Special frame with a very low and spacious step-through. Providing the saddle height is right, the rider’s feet can always touch the ground properly, thanks to the unique geometry.
  • Luxury level ****
  • Frame aluminium
  • Weight (kg/Lbs) 24.9 excl. battery

Balance C7 HFP

  • Bikes can be ordered and usually delivered to our showroom within 3-5 days if available. We will then contact you once the bike has been prepared by our fully qualified mechanics. Return the bike within the first three months for a complementary first service.