Miss Grace is a beautiful traditional style Dutch bike with great carrying capacity. She has a fabulous quote on the top tube and generally gorgeous styling. Available in two models with a front or mid mounted motor. The Bosch version comes in black or jeans blue and the original Panasonic version in white or black. You can further customise your bike with a choice of batteries. Don’t forget our fantastic range of panniers to complement your bike.


The ease of an e-bike with the looks of a cargo bike. The bike stands up stably thanks to a sturdy double stand and handlebar lock. The rotation sensor provides maximum assistance for minimum effort. You can choose from three types of battery, which will give you a range of up to 110 km / 69 mi.

How far you can ride with electric pedal assistance depends to a large extent on the type of battery. On acquiring your Gazelle Hybrid you have a choice of batteries of different capacities and corresponding ranges. With each model you can select a battery that best matches your usage. Miss Grace comes with a Silver Battery as standard. Please contact us for upgrades. 

Available to order and usually ready within three days

Gazelle Miss Grace C7 HMB

  • Bikes can be ordered and usually delivered to our showroom within 3-5 days if available