Powerful, stable e-bike with stepless gear changes
Easy riding gets a new definition with the Orange C330 HMB. The smart NuVinci N330 internal hub gears are in fact continuously variable. This means that never again will you be stuck in too high or too low a gear and you can just keep going non-stop.
Effortless cycling with the powerful and robust Bosch mid-motor. Due to the low placement of the mid-motor, each Gazelle Hybrid with a Bosch mid-motor has an excellent maneuverability and handling. Powerful robust Bosch middle motor is ideal for the daily journey and long distances. With a torque of 48 Nm, it not only supports level, but also on hilly terrain. A Gazelle electric bike with Bosch Active Line has a gold battery. 11,1 Ah Capacity;400 Wh Watt-hour rating;145 km / 90 mi Range.
Highly suitable for hilly terrain thanks to its extra-powerful Bosch motor.
You can enjoy optimum gear-changing performance thanks to the stepless NuVinci N330 Manual hub gears.
Magura hydraulic brakes provide security and control.
This bike boasts a range of up to 145 km / 90 mi.
You will also have no trouble wheeling the bike on foot with the handy ‘walk assist’ function.
Motor Bosch: Motor location mid
Battery type Li-ion: Display Bosch Intuvia LCD center
Number of gears Unlimited: Frame aluminium

Orange C330 HMB

Frame Type and Size
  • Bikes are avaliable to order and usually delivered to our showroom within 3-5 days. We will then contact you once the bike has been prepared by our fully qualified mechanics. Return the bike within the first three months for a complementary first service.

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