Pure you

Relaxed fuss-free riding through town is now within reach. This is thanks to the stylish and handy front carrier with its unique narrow design that makes parking easier. And a concealed motor always gets you to your destination relaxed. 


Narrow design front carrier
Panasonic front-wheel motor
Twin-leg stand and steering lock
Maintenance-free brakes
Opt for stylish Matt Black or Mystery Green
Up to 100 kilometres of e-cycling

The Puur NL has the motor in the front wheel and 7 hub gears. It has a stable, lightweight oversized aluminium frame with 65° headset angle and 66.5° saddle tube angle gives a comfortable posture and positive steering characteristics. Through its geometry and stability it is extremely suitable for heavy loads.

There are four different levels of battery available. Contact us for further details. 


Puur_NL+ C7 HFP

Frame Size
Battery type
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