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If you are worried about falling off your bicycle or have been thinking about getting a tricycle you might find that 'SwingingWheels' are for you. 

They are a high quality adult stabiliser that can be fitted to your existing or new bike. Here at Easy Pedal Bikes we are convinced that these are generally a better solution for mobility issues than a tricycle as they are better at cornering, easier to store and allow you greater choice of bicycle. 

They have a spring system meaning that they are flexible when meeting the ground. They are more affordable than a good quality tricycle. It is recommended by the manufacturer that you have these fitted as they are not comparable to children's stabilisers. 

SwingingWheels to order:
From £449
Extra parts may be required depending on the design of the bike

(This product is imported directly from the Netherlands so the price may vary due to the new documentation and protocols required since 31st December 2020)

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