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10 Great Reasons to buy an electric bike

1. A GREAT WAY TO STAY ACTIVE: Unlike conventional bikes, e-bikes require lower levels of physical fitness to be used. For those who are not so fit, an e-bike is a solution that allows the rider to get places quicker and with far less physical exertion than a regular bicycle.

2. ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS: All our electric bikes have adjustable settings for changing the amount of motorized assistance when cycling.

3. CHEAPER THAN A CAR: An electric bike only costs 10p to charge up, and doesn’t require a license or the added costs of paying for parking.

4. IDEAL FOR THE COMMUTE: Being able to get to work quickly without getting all sweaty is a huge benefit.

5. ENJOYABLE: Being able to travel about in the open air with ease makes an electric bike a great addition to a fun day out. The added benefit of adjustable settings means you can enjoy the feeling of sightseeing and getting the sunshine on your bike without the distraction of getting tired and sweaty.

6. ENVIRONMENALLY-FRIENDLY: E-bikes consume an average of 100 times less electrical energy than cars. This means that choosing to travel on one of these bikes rather than by car for just one day a week is not going to cause nearly as many fossil fuels to be released.

7. FOR EVERYONE: Whether you’re a student who needs a cheap and efficient alternative to get to class on time, or a more mature rider who wants to keep active without over-exertion, e-bikes have everyone covered.

8. INTUITIVE: With a similar design to a regular bike, electric bikes are easy to understand and use, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve last cycled. With an intuitive display that allows you to change the level of assistance with ease, and a sensor that registers the amount of pressure you exert, e-bikes are adapted to everyone’s needs.

9. IDEAL FOR STEEP HILLS: The different levels of assistance makes e-bikes accessible for those that want to feel the burn and pedal up the hill with only their physical strength for assistance one day, but would perhaps prefer a more leisurely, electric-assisted incline the next.

10. THEY CHANGE LIVES: Electric bikes allow people who never thought they would be able to ride a bike to experience the joys of cycling. Their advanced technology mean that those who have not cycled in decades are now able to cycle quickly and with minimal physical force. Buy an electric bike and experience the future of cycling!

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