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Swinging Wheels stabilisers for adults

Updated: Mar 17, 2018

We often get asked about electric trikes, but they are not a product we have decided to stock in our showroom currently. The reason for this is that the best electric tricycles are expensive and take up a lot of space and although we can order in, we can't keep them in stock. We won't stock any of the inferior products as our customers deserve only efficient and reliable bikes.

So we were delighted when we discovered Swinging Wheels, an amazing and high quality product from the Netherlands. We have made a little film showing Richard test riding them on a Gazelle Ami which is a great easy to ride electric bike. If you would like to purchase a set of these, we can order and fit them for you. You can ride them on conventional as well as electric bikes and we feel that combined with an electric bike you will be provided with many more years of cycling pleasure.

The springy swinging side wheels effectively convert your electric bike into a tricycle style bike, although it will actually have better cornering properties. The height of the wheels can be adjusted until it is suitable for your riding style. The wheels are currently 399 Euros for a pair, plus delivery and fitting. We do recommend that you have these professionally fitted by us as they are considerably more complex than children's stabilisers and may require some adjustment.

The Swinging Wheels will take away the fear of wobbling and falling off and help to make you a more confident cyclist. The danger point might be mounting or dismounting your bike or cornering, and the swinging wheels with the springy construction will help you to be safer on the road.

The total width of a pair of mounted Swinging Wheels is just over 70 centimeters depending on the rear width of your bike. For comparison; double side bags have an approximate width of 55 centimeters. Your bike will then only be10 centimeters per side wider than a bicycle bag. In some cases, the width can be up to 75-85 centimeters, if they are fitted with a wide rear wheel or a gear hub. Swinging Wheels are available for bicycles of a wheel size 20 to 28, and can also fit onto your folding bike.

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Eric stewart
Eric stewart
May 28

Are these wheels available in Canada & if they are who handles & how much are they???


Mar 10

I live in quebec. Is there a dealer near to me


Jan 01

I live in United States, in Georgia. Is there a dealer close to me?


r h
r h
Dec 26, 2022

Can I purchase a pair of these in the uk and fit them myself as I am competent enough to maintain, service and rebuild my own bicycle although from the image it seems a longer spindle would be required.


Alan Huck
Alan Huck
Aug 08, 2022

Can I buy swinging wheels in nz

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