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What is the best electric bike?

Updated: Mar 17, 2018

Advice on batteries, motors, gears and spending your money.

Of course there is no answer to which is the best electric bike, but there may be an answer to which is the best electric bike bike for your needs and budget. You will often hear that you should buy the best that you can afford when buying an electric bike. Like all bikes, the quality of the build and components will be compromised if you buy too cheaply and this could set you up for frustration and disappointment. However, it is not always necessary to buy the top of the range if it has features you will not require, so long as you buy a good quality bike from a brand you can trust and a bike shop that provides excellent customer care and service. We have over 20 years experience in the bike trade and are trained and certified in electric bikes. We have specialist battery testing and diagnostic facilities not available in most bike shops. You are in safe hands when you buy from Easy Pedal Bikes with excellent after sales service in addition to your manufacturers guarantee.

We also offer, as standard, a free bike health check and service within the first three months of purchase, where our skilled and experienced mechanics will ensure everything is still correctly adjusted and running smoothly as it should be.

What type of motor should I look for?

Mid-mounted motor

Would you like to climb a hill with ease, arrive relaxed at work or ride smoothly along meandering paths? The low positioning of the motor in the middle of the bike gives your electric bike nimbleness and ensures optimum road-holding. Mid-drive electric bike motors are mounted in the centre of the bike at the bottom bracket area. These motors are activated by a motion sensor as you turn the pedals and in addition they have a torque sensor that detects the pressure on the pedals and adjust the assistance accordingly. This positioning gives the bike better stability and balance, and while the motor is working and propelling the bike, the forces generated by it won’t be transmitted unevenly into the frame. The premium mid-mounted motor is the most efficient and sophisticated system. The Gazelle CityZen is one of our mid-mounted motor e-bikes.

Front-wheel motor and Rear-wheel motor

Do you want a boost now and then without being too aware of it, and at a reasonable cost? If so then a hub wheel motor might be the thing for you. Hub wheel motors are very quiet and the frame looks very similar to a conventional bike. With a wheel mounted motor it can feel as though the bike is pulling you along these motors are typically activated by a motion sensor as you turn the pedals. The FreeGo Hawk is one of our most popular hub wheel motor bikes.


Maximum torque is a measure of how much pulling power the motor can deliver in the most efficient conditions for the system. A more powerful motor will enable you to maintain power and speed. You will get electric assistance up to 15.5mph, and once over that speed, such as when coming downhill, the motor will automatically stop providing the additional boost.


Cadence- or pedalling rate, is the number of revolutions of the crank per minute. This is the rate at which a cyclist is pedalling or turning the pedals. It is directly proportional to wheel speed, but is a distinct measurement and changes with gearing. Cyclists typically have a cadence at which they feel most comfortable, and the gears enable the cyclist to maintain the preferred cadence at varied speeds. In other words, using the gears enables you to maintain a comfortable pedalling rate without too much effort.

Gears- Automatic or Shift?

Our bikes come either with easy to use gears with clear handlebar shifters that make changing to the correct gear a breeze, or with fabulous automatic gear systems (link to an automatic bike), so you never have to worry if you are in the best gear. Typically the automatic gear systems operate according to the rider’s changes in pressure on the pedals and cadence. Sensors on the bikes will ensure that you get the appropriate level of assistance from the motor for the conditions that you are cycling in. Additionally, you can choose the power level depending on the bike, the terrain and the conditions. Making sure that you are in the correct gear will always ensure that you get the best performance from your electric bike. The Raleigh Motus is a great all round bikes with easy to use gears. We also love the Gazelle Orange C8 HMS with automatic Nuvinci gears.

Which Battery should I buy?

The battery on your e-bike supplies the current for the motor. How far you can go on your e-bike depends on the range. Range will depend in part on the following factors: gear selected, tyre pressure, weight of rider, bike speed, terrain, headwind, age of battery and assistance setting.

If you want to go a long way on your e-bike then you might wish to invest in a battery with a larger range. For a look at how this works check out the Bosch E-Bike Range Assistant. If you want to take shorter trips you will be fine with a smaller battery range as you can recharge the battery more frequently. Think about the type of riding that you will be doing and we can advise you at Easy Pedal Bikes on the best type of battery for your personal riding style. The bigger battery may weigh marginally more, and is the same physical size, enabling you to switch batteries should you wish to upgrade later. Remember that as the battery is one of the most expensive components on your bike, you may wish to upgrade at purchase to save further expense down the line. A larger battery will not make the bike go faster however, that is down to how powerful your motor is.

Want to know more? Come on down to Easy Pedal Bikes in Eastbourne and have a chat about your requirements. See the bikes for yourself and have a test ride.

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