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All about Easy Pedal Bikes

Updated: Feb 16, 2018

Easy Pedal Bikes was founded in 2015 by Richard Thomas after twenty years in the bicycle trade. Richard learnt his trade as a mechanic at The Bicycle Workshop run by the wonderful Ninon Assuni, in All Saints Road, Notting Hill, London. After many years as a mechanic he then progressed, in the 1990's, to become a trainer and assessor of mechanics all over the South of England.

As a keen cyclist, Richard has aquired a variety of bikes over the years; track bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes and even a tandem. Cycling for Richard encompases a wide range: mountain biking, commuting, racing, holidays with friends and travelling in Europe with family. There have been lots of fun times riding all sorts of bikes with trailers, child seats, and rainy as well as sunny days.

When Richard set up Easy Pedal Bikes in 2015 he joined forces with Dorian Drake of Black Bikes at The Glasshouse in Eastbourne. Dorian has a dedicated space behind the showroom where he services and repairs all types of bike. Both Richard and Dorian have undertaken the latest Bosch training and are fully qualified in electric bike servicing and repairs. Soon after starting the business, Richard bought a specialist battery tester from the Netherlands which provides a diagnostic readout, further enhancing what we can do at Easy Pedal Bikes.

The final member of the team at Easy Pedal Bikes is Anne Barrell, the person in charge of marketing and design. She also happens to be married to Richard and has enjoyed many of the cycling holidays and trips. Anne is happily converted to electric cycling and finds that she can even overtake Richard on the hills, when he is on a conventional bike. Anne's specialism is panniers as you will see in this video.

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