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Practical and stylish e-bikes for Spring

Updated: Mar 17, 2018

You may have been thinking about getting an e-bike but are wondering about the costs and considering if you will get the use out of it. Firstly, e-bikes are great fun to ride and if you have not tried one before you should get down to the showroom here at Easy Pedal Bikes and have a trial ride. We also have some e-bikes to hire and the cost of a day’s electric bike hire can be used against your purchase of an e-bike from us within a month. It’s a great way to find out if e-biking is really for you, or even convincing a special friend that it might be for them.

When you have an e-bike you will find that it’s such an easy and enjoyable way to travel that you can really leave the car at home, even to do the shopping. The Gazelle Miss Grace and the Gazelle HeavyDutyNL are not only fabulous looking, but are real workhorses, and with a set of panniers and some bungee straps you can get all of your shopping without taking the car.

If you are going to work, out for the day, or on a shopping trip, carrying capacity might be a consideration when you are choosing an electric bike. The vast majority of our bikes come with racks and integral luggage straps and we sell a great range of panniers and baskets. The FreeGo Regency even comes with its own basket already fitted to complement the rich metallic green paintwork and retro styled swept back handlebars.

Electric bikes take away the fear of not being able to get home when going out for a long cycle ride. How far you can go on your battery depends on a number of factors, including weight being carried, weather and especially wind conditions and the type of terrain you are travelling over. We have a range of electric motors suitable for different types of riding and in addition you can chose to upgrade your battery to one with a greater capacity. The motor and bike will determine the type of riding you can do, whereas the battery will determine how far, and for how long, you can travel.

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