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Winter and Electric Bikes

Updated: Mar 17, 2018

Winter brings darker nights and colder weather, but don’t let that put you off cycling. Preparing yourself and your electric bike for the winter conditions is easier than you might think! Who knows, you may even enjoy that crisp feeling of cycling on a sunny December day. The satisfaction of warming your body through exercise whilst avoiding the sweatiness of summer is a great feeling, and is even easier to achieve with the adjustable amounts of physical exertion available with an electric bike. Here are some simple tips to make winter cycling on an e-bike go from a snowy gale to a pleasant breeze!

1. Insulation, Insulation: Especially on your upper body, where the heat escapes more quickly. Wearing a skull cap that can easily fit under a helmet is an excellent way to keep the cold out when cycling through bracing winds. Combine this with a snood or thin fabric scarf to protect your face and neck areas makes winter cycling much more pleasurable. An insulating coat that is easy to move in is also great for ensuring you’re warm enough to face the colder weather. Several layers means you can adjust your temperature whilst out and about.

2. Light up the world: A good set of lights opens up cycling for any hour of the day or night, perfect for the darker winter months. A night time cycle ride can be very relaxing, especially with the ease of movement that an electric bike provides. Tired of dark and dismal winter mornings? Enjoy the satisfying feeling of watching the sun rise as you swap a vehicle commute for an exhilarating e-bike ride to work.

Most of our electric bikes come with lights, but for that extra boost we hold a range of excellent additional lights in store.

3. Keep clear of those shady patches: In particularly cold weather, it’s a good idea to keep a wide berth of the kerb and areas in the shade where black ice can build up. Motorists will understand that you need a little more space on the road during winter to ensure your safety.

We stock reflective Sam Browne belts, and clever gilets that can go over a backback to make sure you are really visable to motorists on those dark winter evenings

4. F is for Friends: Still can’t seem to motivate yourself to get on your bike in the cold weather? Ask any friends who are also keen cyclists if they fancy a ride. If you don’t know anyone who’s into that, join a local cycling group and see if they have group rides that you can participate in. Having the social aspect and a friend to help motivate you makes cycling in the tough winter months much easier.

5. I see London, I see France: Although it doesn’t have to be much further than where you live. Exploring a different cycle route to what you’re used to can add a more exciting incentive to get on your bike. Plus, if you find a route that leads to a café or pub, you can get that satisfying feeling of a warm drink and a slice of cake after a bracing cold ride.

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